torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

Siveltyä, raavittua, tuhrattua

24x33 cm,  2011

65x75 cm,  2011

33x38 cm,  2011

3 kommenttia:

Sirkku kirjoitti...

Tuo ylin työ tuntuu niin omakohtaiselta, kun olet saanut siihen tämän vuodenajan taivaan värejä ja tunnelmaa niin tutusti talteen.
Noita kahta seuraavaa täytyy katsella vähän kauemmin, rauhassa ja ajatuksen kanssa.
Kiitos, kun jaoit nämä meille.

Mari Brown and Colourblob kirjoitti...

Love your work, I find such a calm and peace in your work... I paint too and still trying to find my way around the abstract side of it (painting wise that is) I enjoy it very much, its like therapy to me.

Glad I found your blog (through Diagnoosisisustusmania)

Marianne kirjoitti...

Hi, thanks for your kind words.

It's lovely to hear my work seems calm and peaceful to you, since the process can sometimes be anything but.

For me, abstraction has always felt like home, even though I do like lingering in between what's there and what's not.

Good luck with finding your own paths. Though painful at times, the search is the best part, and in a way I guess it will never end. (I hope. :)